Welcome guest,

We understand it can be a little intimidating stepping into a new church for the first time so, at Hope Reformed Church we HOPE you’ll feel welcome!

First off, please don’t feel obligated to contribute to the offering, our members will take care of that, so just enjoy being our guest!

Here at HOPE, you’ll find there are some members dressed in business attire, and some more casually (like blue jeans, and even shorts in the summer).

We don’t really get hung-up on what you’re wearing here; we just hope you’ll praise the Lord with us!

We are striving to be a family friendly church, so we encourage you to bring the littlest members of your family along, so they may learn from your example of how to praise the Lord.

In fact, often children are invited to participate in the service, and then those of us who are a little older can learn from their example too!

However, we understand that it can be difficult at times, to keep a small child’s attention throughout an entire service so we provide coloring books in the lobby hanging in colorful bags on the coat rack. If you are having trouble finding them, ask anyone, we’ll be happy to point them out!

We also have a nursery downstairs that is safe, bright and lively and which some of our smaller family members retreat to, from time-to-time, when mum and dad want a little break. We will also be glad to explain any questions you have about that too!

We are a growing church and so much is changing every week it’s hard to explain everything that is going on!

Go ahead, poke around the site, and contact us if you have any questions.
Thank you for your interest.

And please come join us, as we all grow closer to God together!

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Visit Hope Reformed On Facebook

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Hope Church has received a generous gift as a beneficiary of the estate of Russell & Marian Buitendorp in the amount of $13,778.40.

MOKA will be using Hope’s facilities on Monday mornings as they work inside, and on Thursday afternoons as they work outdoors.

Thank you to Dawn Ream, who is an employee of MOKA and made this arrangement possible .

MOKA, is a non-profit organization that serves individuals with disabilities in western Michigan. They provide support and services to assist individuals to become valued members of their communities by teaching them life skills.

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