Senior Fellowship

Senior Fellowship

Senior Fellowship

Adult Senior Ministries is making plans for a day trip to Turkeyville on Tuesday, August 16, for a meal and a show.

All seniors are welcome to attend the next outing – a sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board at church.

Who would be willing to set aside one or two afternoons a month to visit our shut-ins.

If you are interested in sharing a few hours of your time to brighten the lives of our shut-ins, please contact Dorallee Van Dyke at 773-4325.

The last Senior Fellowship group met at Carmen’s Cafe at 12:30 p.m. on Friday, May 20.

A great time was had by all!

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Hope Church has received a generous gift as a beneficiary of the estate of Russell & Marian Buitendorp in the amount of $13,778.40.

MOKA will be using Hope’s facilities on Monday mornings as they work inside, and on Thursday afternoons as they work outdoors.

Thank you to Dawn Ream, who is an employee of MOKA and made this arrangement possible .

MOKA, is a non-profit organization that serves individuals with disabilities in western Michigan. They provide support and services to assist individuals to become valued members of their communities by teaching them life skills.

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